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Support to cooperator who measures CO2

 “co2sos” measures, discloses and surveys CO2 density on the earth. To measure CO2 density, we should buy the measuring device of CO2 density and set it up. But, it is very difficult for us to do it all over the world. Then, we propose the international cooperation activities that the person who agrees to our aim achieves the measurement of CO2 density in cooperasion with people in the surrounding area. We are now recruiting the cooperator who sets up the measuring device of CO2 density. Concretely, we ask the device for the cooperator to sets up and to be connected with the Internet. In that case, we provide the cooperator with the following services.

  ◆ We support the cooperator who makes the application of the subsidy to buy the device in Japan.
  ◆ We provide the cooperator with technical support.
  ◆ We disclose and preserve the measurements transmitted by the cooperator.
  ◆ We attest the cooperator as a branch of “co2sos” if the cooperator wants.
  ◆ We introduce the cooperator’s activity by this homepage and the e-mail magazine.
  ◆ We provide other possible support.