CO2 / measurement / disclosure / surveillance

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Outline of activity

We "co2sos" executes the following activity to achieve our purpose.

  1. We propose the frame of a new international cooperation activity that uses the information technology, and verify it. As a result, we aim at the promotion of science and technology.

  2. We construct the "CO2 surveillance center" in SL. And we measure, disclose, and observe the CO2 density on the earth.

  3. We encourage the device to measure the CO2 density to be set up all over the world. And we manage the system for the measurement.

  4. By the 2 and 3 described up, we expand the circle of sympathy with the global warming issue.

  5. We provide the following service in SL.
    Sales and Setting of article; Lending real estate; Instructing the skill for the photograph, beauty, and the performance; and etc.