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Basic principle

 "Let's expand a circle of sympathy and cooperation concerning global warming issue."
 An incorporated nonprofit organization "co2sos" aims at "Achievement of sustainable society in which people all over the world cooperate to solve global warming issue" under the above-mentioned slogan.

 Everyone knows the following fact now. Increase in exhaust of artificial CO2 has accelerated the rise of CO2 density of atmosphere, and that is one factor of acceleration of global warming. However, it seems that there are few people who know the following basic behavior of CO2 density. How high is the CO2 density of atmosphere to begin with? And, CO2 density has time fluctuation and seasonal variation by influence of plants activity. The oxygen that the animal needs is supplied by plant photosynthesis. And, CO2 is consumed by photosynthesis. Furthermore, the marine surface layer absorbs CO2. Thus, the balance of a complex carbon cycle is kept on the earth. Even such basic behavior seems not to be known under present situation though CO2 is familiar and indispensable gas for us.

 On the other hand, information on measures to control emissions of CO2 is being actively offered. Everyone is interested in using natural energy such as sunlight, controlling use of car, and turning it off frequently. However, there are not a lot of chances to think about effectiveness and validity of the measures. For instance, about weight of CO2 that can be reduced by the measures, investment that is necessary to reduce unit weight, or the extent that contributes to the targeted reduction in the country.

 Most of knowledge that people possess for global warming issue is passive information. Moreover, information on eco-product is flooded to our society. Therefore, people's knowledge is overspecialized to information on measures to control emissions and eco-products. And, it seems that there is little chance that people take account even to basic behavior of CO2 density, and to effectiveness and validity of measures to control emissions. Moreover, it seems that concern for research region concerning measurement of CO2 density - that is base of finding concerning global warming - is also thin.

 An enormous cost is needed for measures to control emissions of CO2 that the each country government and the enterprise try to execute in the future. The cost is added to tax, public utility rate, and price of commodity, and our people and consumer pay finally. Moreover, partial service of elevator and 28-degree setting of air-conditioning press inconvenience and endurance on the user. Thus, measures to control emissions of CO2 force cost load and inconvenience for us. And, it has a side where our living standard might have to be lowered. If possible, we want to work on measures to control emissions happily without lowering our living standards as much as possible.

 Then, how can we achieve an effective balance between measures to control emissions of CO2 and our living standard well? We co2sos think that the following is one start to solve this problem. People all over the world have correct knowledge concerning global warming issue and measures to control emissions of CO2, and make effort to be related to discussion and decision making concerning this problem in some methods. First for that, we co2sos think that we should begin improving motivation which try that we learn various knowledge concerning global warming issue correctly.

 "co2sos" is advancing three actions based on this idea as follows now.

 The first action is to build whole world observation network of the CO2 density on the surface of the earth with people of many parts of the world. We accumulate results of measurements in server by using the Internet, and disclose it in real time. And we offer it gratis so that anyone can use it easily. The cooperator will feel strong charm in cooperation with setting of experiment and in sending measured data that oneself offered to the world. Moreover, the online disclosing system will show an interesting appearance to us as observation network extends gradually. People will improve concern for CO2 behavior of our living space by cooperating in this activity.

 The second action is to activate interchange between green campaigners in many parts of the world and individual who is interested in environmental protection by using information network technology. “co2sos” sets up main office in a virtual space that exists in the Internet, and shows CO2 density there in real time. In addition, we offer the office to people all over the world as a place for discussion and information exchange. The virtual space that can use various communication means for chat, email, animation, three-dimensional image has big possibility as the communication tool. If interchange by this is activated, people may enlighten each other.

 And, the third action is to offer place and chance of mutual study activity to consider global warming issue with you by learning carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. This mutual study activity will become a chance to deepen study in addition for participating people and co2sos.

 These three actions are activities to improve motivation to start correctly learning various knowledge concerning global warming issues by offering clue and place to tackle the problem of global warming related to the entire human race. "co2sos" will call these activities "Invitation activity". "co2sos" aims at achievement of a sustainable society in which people all over the world cooperate to solve the problem through "Invitation activity".