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History of "co2sos"

 The history of "co2sos" are as follows.

October 2007

  • Mr. Haru who is a representative our organization designed the measuring and disclosure method that uses "www" as information technology and "Second Life".
  • That is measures for controlling global warming that he can practice.

February 2008

  • Mr. Haru maintained the one necessary to use SL, and he decided the "CO2 surveillance center" to set up.

April 2008

  • Mr. Haru bought land for "Main Land" in SL, and he begin the construction of "CO2 surveillance center". He named the representative "Haru Bloch" that is his own name in SL.
    ※ : "Main Land" is islands managed by "Linden Lab", and that are around the center of a virtual world in SL.

June 2008

  • Mr. Haru established the homepage of our group named "co2sos" as mediation of "Real Life" and "Second Life".

July 2008

  • Mr. Haru registered "Google AdSence" in the homepage to obtain the activity expense of "co2sos".

August 2008

  • Mr.Haru began to issue of the e-mail magazine of "co2sos", it’s named "CO2 herasouyo !" is meant "Let's decrease CO2 !".

September 2008

  • Mr. Haru's secretary named "Kawori Kayo" arrived at her post.

October 2008

  • Lady "puelnolimit Lemon" arrived at the staff of "co2sos".
  • "lemon's house Part Ⅱ" that is a dance club was constructed in "CO2 surveillance center"
  • Lady "fumomo Twine" arrived at the staff of "co2sos".
  • The construction of flea market was decided.

December 2008

  • Lady "HelloKitty Hax" arrived at the staff of "co2sos".

January 2009

  • The blog of "co2sos" was established.
  • The name of e-mail magazine of "co2sos" was changed to "Chikyuu–joh–no–nisanka–tanso-wo–sokutei–siyoh !" that is meant "Let's measure carbon dioxide on the earth !".
  • "co2sos" is located as an unity of some braiches.
  • Mr. Haru applied for subsidy of Global Environment Facility in 2009 fiscal year.

February 2009

  • The blog was begun to use.
  • "Charity live relay 2009" was begun.

March 2009

  • "☆Haru – ichiban☆ Charity live" by "STEP UP" succeeded. "Haru–ichiban" that is meant "spring-heralding storm".

April 2009

  • At 20 o'clock April 11, "Ki's gallery" opened.
  • Mr. Haru bought land in SL to enhance the activity of "CO2 surveillance center".
  • The application for Global Environment Facility in 2009 fiscal year was not adopted.
  • Lady Lemon produced the video to advertise "co2sos", and she contributed to "YouTube".
  • A part of land by additional purchase was decided to be used as a park.
  • Three directors and one inspector were decided to make "co2sos" an incorporated nonprofit organization.

May 2009

  • Mr. Haru applied for "Toyota Environmental Activity Promotion Program".
  • Lady "Kyoo Engineer" arrived at the staff of "co2sos".