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Guide of our organization of "co2sos"

 The organization of "co2sos" are as follows. (preparing the establishment of the incorporated nonprofit organization)

Director : 3 people (1 of 3 is serving as the staff concurrently)

  • One is a specialist who belongs to a certain enterprise, and he has the experience of the research and development and the invention.
  • One is a university professor who is working on the research on the measurement of CO2.
  • One is a manager who belongs to a certain enterprise, and his experience of project, announcing to public, and business is abundant.

Inspector : 1 people

  • He is a representative director in a certain licensed tax accountant’s office, and he has the experience of working for the bank.

Staff : 7 people (in May 2009)

  • 2 in Real Life (RL)
  • 6 in "Second Life (SL)" (contains 1 person in RL)

Regular member : 10 people (negotiating with some people)

Member in SL : 25 people (in May 2009)

Supporting member : 1 enterprise