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What’s “co2sos” ?

“Let's expand a circle of sympathy
and cooperation concerning global warming issue.”

“co2sos” is an incorporated nonprofit organization that aims at “Achievement of sustainable society in which people all over the world cooperate to solve global warming issue” under the above-mentioned slogan.

 While CO2 has been widely recognized as one major factor in global warming, it is true that CO2 is an indispensable gas for us. How on earth is basic behavior of temporal variation etc. of CO2 density in the atmosphere? Moreover, how much CO2 can be reduced with measures to control emissions of CO2?
 Our concern might be biased toward measures to control emissions as the conclusion, because neither phenomenon nor situation concerning global warming issue is objectively understood easily. Therefore, to achieve an effective balance between our life and measures for controlling global warming, we should correctly understand effects of each measure, and we should make efforts to participate in discussion and decision of intention concerning this in some way, shouldn’t we?

 Then, we think that it is necessary to improve motivation to start correctly learning various knowledge concerning global warming issues.

 As our first action based on this idea, we aim to construct observation network of CO2 density on the surface of the earth with you, and to show trend of observational result. As a result, we will be able to be interested in behavior of CO2 in our living space. What can we see if it is possible to observe it at the same time all over the world? The wider the observation network extends, the more interesting it could be.
 At this time, if people in many parts of the world can positively use the information network technology, people might be able to discuss straightening out that problem by cooperating. It is our second action to offer such an environment.
 And, the third action is to offer place and chance of mutual study activity to consider global warming issue with you by learning carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

 As mentioned above, “co2sos” is a group that aims at achievement of a sustainable society in which people all over the world cooperate to solve the problem through "Invitation activity" that offers clue and place to tackle the problem of global warming related to the entire human race.