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What’s “co2sos” ?

“Let's expand a circle of sympathy
and cooperation concerning global warming issue.”

 “co2sos” is an incorporated nonprofit organization that aims at “Achievement of sustainable society in which people all over the world cooperate to solve global warming issue” under the above-mentioned slogan.
 While CO2 has been widely recognized as one major factor in global warming, it is true that CO2 is an indispensable gas for us. How on earth is basic behavior of temporal variation etc. of CO2 density in the atmosphere? Moreover, how much CO2 can be reduced with measures to control emissions of CO2 ? ... more info

What's New

2009.05.29- Lady "Kyoo Engineer" arrived at the staff of "co2sos".
2009.05.10- We applied for the subsidy of TOYOTA.
2009.04.29- Three directors and one inspector were decided to make "co2sos".
2009.04.18- New land in SL was decided to be used as a park.
2009.04.17- Staff contributed the PR video of "co2sos" to YouTube.
2009.04.14- The application for Global Environment Facility was not adopted.
2009.04.13- We bought land in SL to enhance the activity.

Outline of Second Life

“Second Life(SL)" is a virtual world and metaverse (it's an electronic third-order former space in the Internet) that Linden Lab company manages, and that company is opening the headquarters in San Francisco, the United States. You manipulate human called avatar who is your one's double in SL, you move various places, and can enjoy the conversation and shopping, etc. as well as real world (Real Life).